LOSI - 1/8 8IGHT 3.0 Kit

540,00 IVA inclusa

Codice prodotto TLR04000
Categoria -02- AUTO SCOPPIO
Marca HPI
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Improved Suspension Geometry

Refined and optimized suspension geometry for improved wheel clearance. New front spindles and spindle carriers provide decreased dogbone plunge into the outdrive, which provides more consistent handling on all track surfaces. The spindle carriers now have 15 degrees of caster and offer better bump handling and smoother steering response. Front and rear shock towers have simplified camber locations for quick and easy tuning.


Large-Bore 16mm Shocks with Tapered Springs

Larger shocks provide easier tuning regardless of temperature changes. Machine pistons are included for greater precision and increased performance. Tapered shock springs allow for greater clearance between the suspension arm and the shock cup, greatly decreasing the chances of the spring cups from popping off under extreme impacts.


8IGHT 3.0 Body & Wing

The new body accommodates the revised chassis layout in addition to increased performance. The rear wing features larger side plates and improved air flow for greater downforce. Two included wickerbills accommodate various track conditions for increased downforce. Also included are two sets of wing spacers that move the wing further back on the car for more aerodynamic tuning.


Center Dogbone Drive System

Front- and rear-center dogbones eliminate the friction of a CV coupler and reduce the bind caused after the front center CV coupler wears.


Optional Parts Included

Many optional parts are included with the 8IGHT 3.0, including lightweight outdrives, lightweight 48T spur gear, adjustable hinge pin braces and aluminum rear bearing inserts.


Gen III Radio Tray

Gen III radio tray provides improved weight distribution of vehicle and greatly enhances servo life.

  • Ball bearing steering provides precise throttle feel
  • Molded index points improve accuracy with linkage alignment
  • Switch relocation improves On/Off switch access
  • Metal J-Nut secures battery box and increases radio tray life during chassis flex


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